Adam Ferriss, Digital Sketches

The internet is full of gifs. It is full of fruitless information designed to trigger a nostalgia trip or cure our funny bone as we may see a dog eat a yogurt or a cat doing the ironing, and this has become to define the intention of a gif in the context of todays use of it.

Adam Ferris has adopted digital technology to create incredibly concise yet haphazard colour splurges that just make our mind boggle. As well as the moving image, the static creates a movement when scrolled down, created by intrinsic lines that appear almost aimlessly intended. They create almost mountainous shapes, scatters of the mind or the structure of our being. They can be anything.

To extend a discussion I had today concerning the use of gifs today, I find it interesting they can be used in subtle and valuable ways, that detract from the original intention of a gif. They are a highly sophisticated and almost completely different breed, creating beauty on many levels, a created beauty from the confines of technological advancements.

What these images mean is only really for contemplation, to consider and discuss what these images achieve, for yourself, as their open ended nature reveal a sensation that anything can happen and anything can be felt, no wrong can be thought and no right answer truly exists. We can look at them as technological advancements but almost connote qualities of our videos been and gone, when we dig them up again from our pit of wires to revel in the excitement of seeing Crash Bandicoot for the first time, to finally beat Cortex at his own master plan.

They have an incredible ability to make us stop and look, think and dream and leave not quite knowing the process our heads have made. They baffle and inspire and create beautiful creativity that dances around in our heads.