Contemporary Photography, Paul Paper

This appears to be well overdue. A publication able to place a spanner in the works and challenge instead of follow. As you may have picked up in my recent articles there is a theme of small dissatisfaction with the internet era and where its mis-leading photography. Every once in a while a statement needs to be made. Although I've been talking about it for sometime Paul Paper has actually done it without taking a photograph.

Put together with a pinch of salt, the publication Contemporary Photography boasts bold statements that highlights the predictability of contemporary photography. To describe the pictures is the simplest way to place these ideas into the public arena, placing it amongst photographers to either chuckle or think.
This is not a do or die, nor is it said with any venom.
The book merely outlines trends and themes and puts them together where we can imagine a series of photographs even when its not there. What this says about the subject matter is curious as we don't even need the work there to gloss over it and forget about it.

Presented with a hint of sarcasm the work, if it can be called that, raises issues and finds the photographers who are hiding in a tedious game of hide and seek. Although this action can appear negative, as a good friend of mine once said, <i>"sometimes you need to be told that works a bit shit to make it better"</i> and this is said with 'Contemporary Photography' brilliantly well.

I am very curious on his stance as a photographer, and how these thoughts affect his own practice. Of course the level of cynicism is the main ingredient, but you won't find any wet pillows in photographer's rooms, just cogs turning. After all, we know it all already, so how do we do anything different.