Emiliano Granado, Immediate

The camera has the ability to capture anything it looks at, at the users discretion. And the photographer’s decision to remember is inherent. What we remember is not always positive, as the memory itself is precisely the same as a camera at that point. The conscience of the person behind the camera triggers a wanting to create a permanent memory in the most distressing of circumstances. This is a very immediate project to an immediate situation. It shows the internal wars that go on in our bodies, revealing more of the inside than the outside, our courage and our fight. A fight is placed in the photographer’s mind, what to make public and to not and as I write this I feel I am tiptoeing around something precious as an online object and a subject. I almost feel I should not be writing this, but also can’t not write it. I need to understand it because the pictures are so powerful I cannot ignore them. I am sure this was a similar thought in the mind of Emiliano whilst shooting the series, a series you cannot begin to explain how it felt to do so. To put emotions partly to the side, to remember and then to show to a public audience in such a frank way. The photographer in this instance recognises something he has to do, has no option to and does it the best way he can.

It is a natural instinct to create well formed photographs, regarding aesthetics, and it is not disrespectful to do so. The photographer is the same person. They still work the same way as they would any other project in terms of form. But of course situation can stir up the inside, can make us delicate with what we record, what we edit and what we publish. The images in this series have an overwhelming powerful hold over me when I look at them. I do not know how to feel as I have been thrown into a situation I know nothing of but I feel as if I know everything about it. This is down to the real nature of these pictures, as they form an extension of his view. We are seeing what he sees. The camera acts merely as a way to allow us to see.

The photographs hold a loving kindness every step of the way, they leave us fragile, cold and make us think about everything. And to show these images should not be a negative thing, but an incredibly brave thing to do, for both the people involved and the person behind the camera.