Fábio Miguel Roque & Tom Gaiger

A violent surge falters in a flat masterpiece of human actions, inviting us into a scene of peril and potential harm. Although beginning like a night watch, the calmness of dogs searching empty land begin to suggest a stillness to a scene that serves potential threat. A threat from the panic of one of the searchers, perhaps the most fearsome of the three. As a logical panic sinks into the eyes of the mutt wandering about with a purposeful stride, searching for a physical manifestation of the peril they feel inside. As moments of human error occur like casual passings of the day, flooding back like bad memories, the night road stays still, silent. The sense of anticipation builds up to breaking point as silent becomes almost painful and threatening. To land on a character, like a flashback to a film, where we flock to the previous memories of the potential current happenings on the road.

The clicking of the mind reveals the clicking of a trigger as the area fills with mental peril, slowly seeping panic into everything it touches, through human instinct. The trees flee to the left or right, unable to leave their roots and place. As they flee for safety in the form of a gust of wind, a loud <b>Bang</b> of the metal release revealing a terrific strike to the air. Our body left shaking at the actions of human hand, and the racing mind of the human brain.

The landscape lies peaceful, as the peril leaves within an instant the bullet conchords forth to the gentle clear and grey sky, absorbing the tension to make a place bearable once again, to allow the night walkers to resume their duties on the road as if nothing ever happened the previous night.