Gloria Chung, Tilted caps of (objects)

Comfortable and ordered control maintain the spaces between objects on the floor. The two seats distant, as if a rift has taken place after years of staying static within four walls. The room connotes simplicity, elegant, but on a budget. Precisely picking objects with heart, integrity, deeply routed to our past lived experiences.

An air of calm meets the de-cluttered space. Everything silent
until silence resumes again.

A branch snaps, shuddering down our spine as the timber falls onto a public walkway. What appears to have a mode of panic, simmers to a comfortable acceptance, landing on the safety of yellow, providing a comfortable catch. The SNAP diverts our gaze toward an off right centred blemish of beige, exposing the open wound to the air.

Natural light floods the scene as time moves on and so does the narrative, the people involved and the newly inhabited place. Wonkiness tilts the cap of a lamp, unsure on what side to take on the bedside, leaning left. Its choice similar to a child after separation, wondering who they may live with for the years to come before moving out to their independent lives.
The walls calm with peach wall paper, providing a gentle canvas for thoughts on the wall of what feels like temporary accommodation. As brief and quiet as these moments seem, they carry a backorder of information, that allows three pictures to tell the story of many, through implied suggestion and the imagination of the passive observer. Every inch suggestive, promoting at our memories for answers, probing our feelings and our sense of <i>De Ja Vu</i> feels violated.

The moments shown send us into a comfortable blanket of suggestion, to feel the hardness of a bed, the soft landing of the tree and the ordered chaos radiating an uncomfortable silence between objects.