Hannah Putz, In hiding

There is a public hiding. A hiding occurs in a private space, an intimate invitation, to photograph. This is either on commission or for a pursue of compassion, of wanting to understand, to make beautiful things, from already beautiful people. Fashion sometimes falls under safe approaches, tried and tested, guaranteed to deliver a response from a viewer, a controlled response anticipated. The subjects here are in hiding, they are presented on a surface level, but carry qualities of an intimacy only built on by a trust between individuals. Saying that the images have white wall qualities, and you can sometimes almost smell the fresh white paint, but the paint has since dried and marks are left leaving the pictures lived in, worn but comfortable. It is this intimacy that inherently talks to us as we view the pictures, a simple and straight forward pursue, carried out with logic but crafted with much more, a much gentler approach but one with real definition and a creative beauty in control.