Jocelyn Allen, Your Mind & Body Is All That You've Got

I like being alive. It is very exciting, it is a run of high emotions and physical hardship. Every pound we take our bones shake. Every step causing a mental twinge as mechanical, perhaps liquid, cogs turn our thoughts and feelings to impact on our body. Our limbs, our eyes - our general sense of self. But of course we never see this, nor do we even acknowledge it. We might look, poke and prod our faces and bones in the mirror, grab a little bit of side butt every so often to see how our bodies are feeling. Give it the attention we usually starve it of. As our bodies need for affection is desperate but quiet. It never asks directly, merely whimpers every so often.

The separation of mind and body become regular fears as you can beam up to the sky in any moment when our mind goes, figuratively speaking of course. Our minds well being affect our physical state and our physical state wrestles with the mind. It might change an expression, provoking arm stretches, leave marks on us and our bodies, hired out as vessels to transport the mind. These thoughts and feelings temporarily scar our bodies, stretching the skin covering our bones.

We are tactile beings, and require attention. The occasional poke and prod, a record of how we look, feel, how we have aged. Our bodies constant shift sculpt us into different stages of our evolution. Never the same, as each day goes by.


Our decisions leave permanent marks on us, controlled by the mind and how we feel arriving full circle, thus delving into what components make up a human being - like a 450 piece puzzle with no reference picture.