Molly Matalon, Mom

Molly Matalon's depictions of her Mum are honest and real. They do not hide from details, they do not hide at all. In the scenery of absolute beauty, the palm trees sway, wilting as each weather pattern takes place. Delving into the world with a remarkably beautiful smile, attending meals and spending time with each other is a notable quality throughout. Radiating from the photographs, a simple statement, mood, mindset and state of consciousness. As the face of her mother changes from day to day, the smile rests in a crux of happiness and contented nature.

The palm tree becomes a motif in the form of shadows and physical manifestations, for the area around her becomes the inspiration point. A connection with a person, we may never have the same with again, for a mothers love is the strongest of bonds. The same genes, living and dying together in some way or another. Yet the prolonged experience of viewing the series allows us to enter highs and lows of being, as reflections of the past come in the form of black and white photographs, attempting a kind of past tense. Their form casual, but still carrying out centred perfection.

As a series, its positive notes on potentially negative scenarios in life are infectious as we can feel nothing but good. Its aesthetic, no doubt, allows for our visual needs to bask in glory as each strand of light from the flash falls into perfect place. Alway suggesting, never telling us the whole story. For their constriction to a portrait frame can only radiate suggestion, suggestions of content, happiness, physical bruising and positive outlooks at the potentially distressing. Each photograph carries its weighted support, as we have no choice and willingly take on the journey presented. To leave us avoiding frantic panic to grab notions of specifics but absorb the feelings projected in each costume change, self expression and location behind the fascinating woman.

I do not know anything about this lady, yet I feel I have taken a journey that only people close to her may see and for her and her daughter, the series accumulates a remarkable archive of remembering, of the lives we live and how we live them.