Niels Stomps, Anticipation

Waiting, anticipating, the yellow petals shaking from quivering hands. The shirt neatly tucked, glasses propped on optimistic eyes. A flouncy quiff steers to the right, as hands cup the bottom of the flower set. A steel banister provides a circle for said subjectto stand in. As glances left, right, searching and skimming though the crowd. The heart beating faster as feelings flood his mind, making no effect on the facial features of the man. He is beyond excited, anticipating sunshine in the form of human affection. He is happy and excited, patiently waiting. Their conversations run through their minds as distance and separation plague their physical closeness. Yet the body stays calm, ready to embrace the brightest form of happiness.

As the final twitch of nervousness a shining face beams onto the patient figure. At first he knows not how to react, and the slight turn of the shoulder sends a sensation that his reaction may change, influenced by the insatiable beauty of the woman's connection. The flowers are no longer needed as they sling slightly to the left and the expected hands almost meet the nervous fingers of the not so nervous figure. He is a different person with this person around, as each worry flies from his head as her presence seeps into his collective space. For the moment, he is complete and her heart beats for each moment spent with him.
This is excitement and affection combined to form all sorts of good.