Sanaa Hamid, Combined

'Sometimes, i forget that i am a twin. Isn't that bizarre? That somebody looks and sounds and thinks the same as me?'
- Sanaa Hamid

The connection between a family is a bit like an unbreakable rope, made from a material so strong not even a world implosion could break it. It is a connection you do not need to continuously maintain, you do not need to juggle it to keep it alive like the necessities involved with friendships. The connection never fades, just stays there, in storage.

What's interesting is these connections we have with friends need a constant reassurance, otherwise you would have no other reason to keep hold them, they are just people you meet, and seem to enjoy their company, there is no bond, tie, no natural connection. When considering family members, and in Sanaa's case her identical twin, it is important to recognise the similarities and the connection between someone who is identical. The notion of being identical sends me west, thinking of what a robot assembly line may create carbon copies, but people are made of different stuff and the human element shows a leadership in their mind to pursue different things, to function differently, even when you may look so similar to someone. The thought process, described by Sanaa in her accompanying text to the project, is matched as it becomes a connection beyond close, to reach a different level of emotional connection. This relationship holds the bond between family and friend, but combines this, but also carries every sense of complete trust between two individuals. To look, feel, think and function in a similar way, even when their lives are not in constant contact.

To look at how Sanaa has taken this into into a visual, a single image, that needs no real description but entwines the beauty of the relationship between identical twins, it just makes sense but provokes us with a cluster of thoughts and impressions.