Tom Cops, Early Heroes

The early influences help you through quite tender points of your learning curves. They meet you in your most scatty state, look past the stupid haircut, dodgy dress sense and look to help you move into something else. To have a photographer working on multiple disciplines at such an early stage (college) opens your eyes up to things you don't understand initially, but they exist in your head. They are there. Only when you get older, build your knowledge these things they do make perfect sense.

The more we know the more advanced we feel as people. Each stage being a learning curve to the next learning curve. And to see that in an aspirational figure in your mildly mislead years builds a knowledge base for the future.

When you leave college, you have no idea what your doing, and then thrusted into the university and shook up for 3 years you don't even have time to acknowledge change. During this period of time I forgot about the work of Tom Cops, and then came back to it at a more sensible age. It all makes sense, every conversation you'd have with a tutor, their work becomes a lot more visible when you would not have even searched for their website. Because you realise that college teachers are heroes, they do incredible things, in what seems a pointless 2 years, actually builds the base to jump into the world from. It is interesting.


Tom Cops is a photographer based in Bristol (I always wondered how he did the commute to Basingstoke each day) and uses a range of mediums, from photography, design, collage and importantly music. You can see that all these going hand in hand radiates a pretty infectious creative way of living that will allow great things to come from it, no matter how homegrown they can feel. Your the man Tom Cops, thank you for helping.