Charlotte Rutherford, Princess Taco

I'll admit it, these images caught my eye. Seemingly from an unknown source, I thought it was merely another internet experiment gone perfectly right, but after a round of clicks and 'Show more notes' I eventually came across the original source.

A handful of pictures titled Princess Taco were the result as I was met with a successful photographer. With a handful of blogs boasting an array of feminist names the safest being 'cutebabe'. I knew I was in uncharted waters.

These pictures don't look real. But they are.
When reblogging them, taking on a role somewhat similar to 'fuckyeahhardfemme'. I could only think of what my fellow members would say about this image selection. But after much deliberation I found myself gravitated toward this seat to describe these memorizing pictures.


It is not just the subject, who is insatiably beautiful. It is not their potentially horrendous post production and fantastic backgrounds. I have seen a handful of work that attempts this type of approach but none like this - it is nothing I've ever seen before. They are images that can only seem to survive online and they don't just survive, they are staying in the finest hotel until the credit card runs out.

Their popularity amongst brilliantly named blogs rings like a 'cult' status carefully treading into and occupying online space.  
A feminine rendition of Neil Krug springs to mind, met with a few weeks of internet influences, the work is dangerously close to the ramblings of someone who has discovered photoshop for the first time. But these are works of art. Their production values are perfect, each strand of photoshopped hair lies gingerly on the shoulders of what might appear to be an angel. Each orange coloured power line surrounds the character on show making something that should be wrong, possibly the rightest thing I've seen in photography yet. For it is easy to surpass these images in a scroll, their staying power is contagious.

Their reflection of today's internet culture is a celebration. A celebration of fantastically named blogs, femme like following and hideously brilliant post production. They reflect a medium well and truly in flux, riding the party until they are the last ones left. Leaving at half seven, proudly taking the long, chirping walk home to eventually lay in a bed waiting for technicolor dreams - swimming in a pool of their own genius.