Der Greif, Review (2014)

Group shows are cropping up in every city. With technology on our side our work can be sent, reviewed and published anywhere in the world. The internet has allowed for a lot of these connections to be made. Something we sometimes forget relating to photography. You can review a show from the comfort of your own home, and can take on the ideas through productive uses of the web.

Der Greif is a fine example of how we can utilize this online connection to bring together a high caliber of work. Through immaculate design and meticulous planning the platform seems to have come from nowhere. Bringing together 279 artists from 33 countries is an ambitious aim, and the photographs form a reflection of photography today. Of course chosen through preference, the blanket of genres is covered through neutral selection. This list is not predictable. It is stylized and highlights the standard of aesthetic set by photographers. But more than that, the stories are told in technicolor using a host of different techniques which made me genuinely excited about the state of photography at the moment. It is an accurate example of how we have worked with techniques over time to create a new genre of work that takes on Robert Adams, Jacob Holdt and Anders Peterson, taking away their efforts and creating our own. In a time when influence is all we have, new ventures are forming.

Compiled in a beautiful selection a house aesthetic seems to be forming. Polished and perfect but each artist carries a different undertone. It is a mark of excellence that teases the mind and decorates our thoughts with excitement for the next phase is looking to take off. We live in incredibly exciting times where we can do anything we want. We have opened up any way of recording where technology, history and knowledge is on our side. We now have time to play with ideas and get our thoughts and ideas onto luster, gloss or Matt paper and show it to everyone.

Whether or not we are utilizing these techniques for meaningful content lies in the balance. With outstanding aesthetic choices we have focused on people and buildings; objects and animals. We are getting around to an understanding of the elements around us and producing outstanding beauty. And for each understanding there is a cured thought process. For the individual photography is a medium of understanding and that is probably the best use for its magical, magical charm.

Pietro Motisi: a nord del messinese – Messina, Sicily, 2013

Pietro Motisi: a nord del messinese – Messina, Sicily, 2013