Doug DuBois, All the days and nights

Work surrounding the home always has a poignancy that I find enchanting, as we all have our experiences of a home environment, so when I came across Doug Dubois’ book in the MOMA bookshop, I was hooked, and the book now holds pride of place on my bookshelf. The series begins in 1984 and ends in 2006 and over the span of 22 years a beautiful story reveals itself as we are met with a handful of characters that blossom and decline as the series progresses.

The first striking element of the work is colour, and as simple as that is, it makes the images. The second element we notice is the repetition of characters, as the years go by the characters reveal themselves from the page and make us fully engaged with their lives. The third element, a minor detail, is the fantastic floral pattern which emerges in the interior space which ultimately sweeps us up into the family home to set the scene to a piece of work that both touches our emotional levels and also our visual excitement.

Continuity is something that resonates throughout, and although we are traveling through two decades we still see a consistency with colour and approach. This allows a bridge to form, because if you think about the technological enhancements throughout the time the work was made it becomes impressive how it keeps the same muted yet vibrant colour palette that wets out appetite for more.

The series winds up and down as it progresses, and the story takes turns for the worst but churns out glorious moments that inspire us to an elevated perspective. Although you would expect a strong presence of the photographer, you can barely feel it. It is like he is invisible but they recognise his presence, yet the moments he has accumulated appear so private that no-one else could have taken them. It is as if the connection to the subject is so strong they barely notice a camera flash go off in the corner. This can only be achieved by someone who is family. This is what strikes me as the essential part of the work, the connection, and as the viewer flicking through the pages of the book, or clicking through the site, we are gifted the chance to see these moments thereby enriching us with the pleasure of owning this beautiful book with the textured turquoise hard back bind that we store with a gentle ease.