Sara Rejaie, One second Everyday (2013)

I like cool people, not in the cool sense of cool, but in the sense of a really cool person, without trying to be cool. This is what comes across in the images she makes.

There is an enormous sense of discovery in her photographs. They seem to pluck from the air, from any format, without a care. The photographs are so light, but they do not float away from us to see, but they hide. Throughout my degree I have seen Sara around the university at various events and she always comes across a shy person, but in the images on her blog, you see another side which is elevated by the company she keeps on a regular basis. It is these people that seems to bring out her personality and that reflects directly in how she sees the world. I think that is underestimated, the idea that we can just look and see the world, and the people we hold close. But the images produced are not facebook pictures of eachother, they have something else, they can be of interest to an outside public, if they are chosen to be shown.

She has recently graduated from the Photographic Art course in the University of Wales, Newport. A few years back, I came across her work when an open print pin up exhibition was encouraged in the darkrooms and there was a pairing of a cat and a man - two separate images. I remember saying to myself, I would employ her to take pictures if I was in some sort of power to do so, in my head, but I mentioned it to a friend also. I think good things happen to people who mean well, and are nice people, and as far as I can see, I can see great things to happen to Sara in her work because it is enchanting in many ways. It is always refreshing to see a photographer who actually takes their camera with them, and after studying photography for 3 years, that can be harder to do. To conclude the first part of the mention, and to produce a back story for the second part of her work, I look forward to what she makes in the future, because at this rate it is seeming like it is all there to play around with and make really great work.

Sara Rejaie