Tine Bek, They simply exist

Unexpected sights are brought to our attention in the photographs of Tine Bek. Each image holding its weight through grain and colour combinations. They are heavy images but carry unscathed reputations. Their burden is half on and half off. They are not casual but they do not stress our signals. They work hard in the realm of photographs but rarely break a sweat.

Human contact runs throughout the flow of images as colours help the stream of concious we are led through as viewers. Giving us moments, not only situations. They appear candid in the most orchestrated way. Their structure oozes implication as meaning trickles down the shelving unit with garlic perched upon the aged glass. Their power as pictures leaves us deep in thought, like we may with Peter Fraser's famous blue buckets. They wander between the modern and dated traits of photography as their meaning neither shows or hides information from us. They simply exist.

Their contemporary sensations bring in ideas of hiding, as canines collectively shadow a lady in a blue morning dress; two figures, young and old stand there awaiting trial in a bathroom.
There is an intimacy to these subjects and their narratives bend back and forth as we have no real way of seeing where the ship may be headed. For when it ends, as a make shift series, we are surrounded by warmth, luxury and commodities.

This is a very common theme in contemporary practice, the open questions, and I sometimes feel like I've joined this carousel before. The same lights, movements and effects. The rebellion towards linear narrative, ducking and moving around solid meaning - remaining purely in the metaphoric forest that photography enjoys so much. This arena, if you like, has been a healthy place to bounce ideas to build a new language has flourished whilst in hiding. We as viewers are part of the narrative and that is incredibly refreshing. We are no longer being spoon fed ideas, but forced to ignite our thoughts and feelings towards beautiful imagery. Tine's photographs are a beautiful reflection of this state we are currently enduring and certainly enjoying.